Download SHAREit for PC / Laptop- Windows & MAC

SHAREit for PC / SHAREit for Laptop: ShareIt is one of the sensational android application, used by almost every Android smartphone user. Before ShareIt, people used to use Bluetooth to transfer files from one device to another. Bluetooth is such a slow, it takes a lot of time to share a video to other devices. ShareIt killed that waiting. Media transfer between two devices much improved by ShareIt. It is one of the sensational innovations. ShareIt is freely available in every app store in mobile. ShareIt is also available for the desktop for free, but many people don’t know how to get the ShareIt app for pc.

These days everyone likes the wireless system. I have seen many People like to transfer media to desktop, laptop or pc with the help of ShareIt only. But they don’t know from where they have to download ShareIt for pc, and how to install ShareIt on pc. With a perspective to help them, I wrote this guide.

Before downloading ShareIt, let’s have a look ShareIt features, and what makes ShareIt a must have application for a computer

Download SHAREit for PC / Laptop- Windows & MAC


ShareIt features:

  • ShareIt app establishes a direct connection between two devices wirelessly. All latest computers and smartphones can be connected wirelessly. Hence, the file transfer is much more convenient.
  • File sharing speed between two devices is extremely fast. If you compare the file sharing speed with Bluetooth technology, ShareIt transfers files 100 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • You can share any file with the help of ShareIt. Whether it may be Media files such as Videos, songs or Documents or even applications can be shared with the help of ShareIt.
  • And ShareIt is free of cost. You need not to pay a single penny to use this application either on your smartphone or on your personal computer.

Follow the below given simple steps to download and install ShareIt for pc.

  • To download ShareIt app for pc, visit
  • On the homepage, you can see several options, which are nothing but the platforms where ShareIt app supports.
  • If your PC runs on Windows operating system, then download ShareIt for windows
  • If your PC runs on MAC Operating system, then download ShareIt for MAC
  • In one click ShareIt download starts.
  • After downloading the file, double click on the file to run the application.
  • Now you will see the required permissions, terms and conditions to use ShareIt on pc. Click Next
  • Finally, ShareIt installed successfully on pc

ShareIt is a very small in size. It takes only few MB of space on your device. But the work done by this application is beyond other technologies. ShareIt uses Wi-Fi technology to share files between two devices. If you want to share files from a mobile device to computer, make sure your computer has Wi-Fi technology. In case if your computer doesn’t have WiFi support then you will not be able to use this application on PC.

Hope you are clear now on how to download and install ShareIt app on pc. If you have face any issue during installation, feel free to reach us. We are always here to help you.


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