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Gmail Applications And Features – You Should Know Gmail is one of the finest email services ever floated over the Internet. It’s a perfect platform for the Android, Microsoft and IOS users. Most of the time, Gmail comes pre-installed in the form of APP. The easy to use email service exaggerates the standard of the users and comes with hundreds of hidden features that we have tweaked here. Following are some of the exceptional Gmail features that you may not be aware of

Gmail Applications And Features


Gmail has several themed menus that can make the appearance of the app bombastic. We all love to stimulate the look of our Phone and app installed in IT. Hence, Gmail has had the same point in mind and came up with a variety of themes that you can choose and apply.

Smart searching methods

Gmail gives you the power to be quite specific about your searching option. There is an advanced search option in which you can search the name of the receiver, word match, date and time and attachment type. Amongst millions of emails, you will be able to find the lost one in no time. Also, you can make the search more specific by inputting the correct keywords present in that particular file.

Gestural control

Although Gmail doesn’t come with broad gestural features, but whatever it has are quite exceptional. You can read your emails by simply swiping them left just the way you are turning the page of a digital book. Also, you can clear the unwanted trash by simply by swiping them away and achieving them and no time.

Undo email 

undoing email is all about taking a back action for the wrong step taken. For example; you accidentally deleted a mail and it suddenly gets disappeared. Gmail is going to convey you about the deleted message by prompting you through a yellow colored conversation at the topmost of your inbox. The undo link shall put the deleted email back to your inbox. Another undo option is to get the message that has been accidentally brought up in the reading later subhead.

Multiple message selection

you can select more than one message in your Gmail account by long pressing and tapping on to them. Alternatively, you can tap over the colorful circle situated at the left side of the message for picking up multiple messages at once. The circle option may be hidden somewhere in the settings. If you don’t find it, choose the long pressing method for doing it right.

Email formatting

often we send emails from a Smartphone in a bizarre format without thinking much about the presentation part. If you want to lay a little Emphasis over the email structure, there few basic formatting option present in the Gmail app. Long press over composes window and select your favorite format.

There are endless Gmail features present in the app. The only way to discover all of them all is to use the app on a daily basis trying to find out more by tapping on each option and trying it out immediately.

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