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Discover the best practices and tips for twitter visibility

1 Add emojis from your computer – emojis can save a lot of space when you have a 140 character limit. However, if using them from a mobile device is child’s play, accessing them from a computer can be more difficult than it seems.

2 Broadcasting content about your life is not enough on twitter. Save it for your friends on facebook. To tweet like a boss, you need to tweet interesting. You need to use twitter to relay content related to your goals and the people you’re targeting.


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3 Tweets with numbers get 17% more retweets the 5 most retweeted words are you, twitter, please retweet, retweet and post tweets with the words please rt ( please rt ), get 3 times more retweets and tweets with the words please retweet ( please retweet ) get 4 times more retweets than those who don’t have those words.

4 Most brands dream of their tweets becoming viral organically, but these trends can be difficult to predict. It is therefore not possible to base your twitter strategy on such eventualities. 5 maximize video content if you want to develop your twitter profile in 2020, look at what works in others!

First of all, tweets with hashtags get 100% more commitment, so don’t forget to use them in your tweets. This is a tip that seems obvious to most twitter users, so let’s discover some more best practices. Twitter users watch 2 billion videos on the social network every day.

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