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The commitment

When you post a new photo, only 10% of your audience sees your photo! We’re not going to lie to each other it’s not much. And then, as your audience reacts, your photo is distributed to more people. Thus, it is the interactions ( like, comment, share … ) that will allow your photo to be seen by more users.

2 : Improve your instagram with a pro account! To open your account on pro instagram, nothing could be easier: first access the settings, via the three small gray bars in the upper part of your phone.

In the menu that opens, you will find a serrated wheel called “settings” at the bottom. Click on it. Then, scroll down to “switch to a business account. “Once you have created your business account, you can add useful information for your business, such as phone number, opening hours and address. These will be displayed on your account.



3 Play the most successful format: if you already know your audience, you know the style of publications they prefer.

Take advantage of it! Time indicated: there are specific times when it is always more advantageous to post, those when people are most active and will make you more visible on instagram.

Hashtags: they can be your best allies in getting a better visualization of users. All you need to know is how to use them so that the algorithm can distribute your posts more.

4 Define an instagram strategy and its targets define your target audience: who are your instagram followers?

As with any communication on social networks, it’s not enough to just go out and make a few publications to get subscribers. You really need to think about your text strategy and your writing rhythm in order to invent a popularity and a strong team.

5 Harnessing the power of hashtags well Adding several hashtags to your publications is a well-known process to increase their potential for discoverability to new people.

However, it is never obvious to users how many hashtags to include in the myths of their publications, especially since many of them are effectively unaware that the shadowban phenomenon can seriously hamper their visibility.

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